Last dance….

end of December 2015 I closed my shop  in Fehrbelliner Strasse in Berlin, Mitte. Since 2000 I've been living of making hats, since 2002 I've had a shop. In 2006 I moved my shop from Kopernikusstraße in Friedrichshain to Fehrbelliner Strasse in Berlin, Mitte. 

The decision was not easy as I still love my work, the shop was running and I loved every bit of it. But I had the feeling there was something more in life to discover, to learn, to develop. As running a shop is a full-time job, I decided to close it to make room for new projects in life. When a dream is full filled, you need to move on... 


The good news is: I'm still making hats part-time!!! If you need a new hat, don't hesitate to contact me, buy a hat online or follow me on Instagram for upcoming projects and happenings!


So what's so new and exciting in life that makes me give up my beautiful shop? I'm now also working as a natural therapist (Heilpraktiker) and certificated nutritionist,

In 2012 a documentary film I'd been working on was released (I did directing and camerawork). For more information please visit Recently I worked on music video's. I have future projects planned making film.


The future is created by what you do today... if you need a hat to companion you, to give you that extra flair in life,  you're welcome to contact me. 

yours sincerely,

Helena Ahonen.


+46(0)767 055055

+49 (0)176 28 386 286

Please contact me if you have any questions!


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